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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

I was just joking, Larry. Somehow the internet just never really captures the mood we are truly in.

As for my take on all of this, if you listen to some really deep Storyville type of jazz, you notice that the sax players and the horn players have this most soulful and beautiful vibratto or quivering way of expressing their notes. I don't even know if I am explaining that right, but it is a certain quality that I don't really know if there is a term for. I just love listening to them, though. Satch had it. Kenny G does not. Most Kenny G fans aren't even aware of such a musical expression exists and probably could care less. So by him splicing his playing in with Armstrongs, it's like comingling fake pearls with the real thing. Perhaps I am totally wrong on my take about all of this. It's a drummer's take on an instrument I do not even play.
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