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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

I know very little about jazz as a genre. All I know is what I feel.
I am listening right now to the song in question, "What a wonderful world".
FWIW, here's my impressions of this song as a person who is very unknowing about jazz.
This is the first time I heard it.
First off it's not jazz in my book, it's a melodic ballad. Forgive my ignorance if this actually considered a jazz song.
If I could critique Kennys playing, I'd say it was elementary. He just stuck basically to the melody with a few flourishes. In the beginning he didn't step on the vocals, but at the end he stepped all over the vocalist, just doubling the melody basically, which I thought was ameteur sounding in that particular instance, like he could improve upon the vocal....His "solo", was just the embellished melody, no artistic contribution whatsoever. It's kind of laughable really. But as a musician, it's not something I'd personally get upset over. Now if Kenny G erased the original masters and replaced them with his version then that's something different altogether.
I couldn't stand Pat Boones rape and pillaging of Little Richard's "Tutti Frutti" either, but I don't want to hurt him. I just laugh at him, because he's such a dork. Kinda like I'm laughing at Kenny G right now. What he did to that great song is a joke. But I still defend his right to do it. If it sucks, the "artists" just dig their own graves anyway. If the people like it, then they're probably a musically unenlightened audience anyway and probably won't ever get good music. Water seeks it's own level. I'm not trying to change any minds here, I'm just stating my opinion, and I don't think any less of anyone for disagreeing with me.
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