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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Just to steer slightly away from Abe's OP for a moment (please forgive me), but related IMO, am I the only one who thinks jazz has an accessibility issue? Also applies to metal and other "special interest" music genres. I'm hearing things like "Kenny G is only classified as a jazz muso because he plays a sax" and X isn't a real jazz muso but Y is. I genuinely, I mean genuinely have nothing against Jazz as a music form but on one hand I'm told that jazz is a broad church and on the other, I see rigid boundries set in stone. I admit to being utterly ignorant on the subject and somewhat confused. What is jazz? What is "real" jazz? I'd love it if someone could answer that for me in terms my under utilized brain can comprehend. I assume someone can enlighten me, otherwise how can anyone state that the material of a certain artist isn't real jazz.

I also hear jazz musos stating that jazz is reducing in popularity. Does the forum think that just might be due to vociferous defence of the pure form coupled with identity confusion? Please don't send plagues of locust to my house or unleash the wrath of the almighty 28" ride cymbal. I'm really not jazz bashing here, nor wishing to start WW3, I'm genuinely interested in members thoughts & explanations.
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