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Default Re: Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

Originally Posted by yorch View Post
Hey guys!!!!! i wanna buy the DW 9002 or the IRON COBRA HP900...... i'm wanna make sure that i'm going to make the right decision cuz u now bouth pedals aren't cheap!!!! can u help me sending me information about wich one is better and why?? thanks...
It truly, truly, truly depends on your sense of what's best, and what you're going to use these pedals for.
If you're someone that is going to do a lot of gigs, I would go with the IC (dw's have been known to break.) If you want a really smooth feel, and you like heel down 9000's are a good choice...

Both pedals have a good amount of adjust-ability. I would go to your local music store and check both out for a little while and see what seems best off the bat.

Personally I like the IC over the 9000. (I don't like where the springs are positioned, nor do I like the feel)
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