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Default Re: Metheny, Kenny G, and other Jazz greats

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
But for one artist, regardless of genre, to call another's garbage is just wrong. If you don't like it don't listen.
It's what KG did with the Armstrong track that is clearly WRONG on more levels than I care to cover here effecting many areas of music and music education, music appreciation etc.... It's not about hate or musical snobery it's all about what is right and wrong and calling BS simply musical BS when you see and hear it. Thank god my filter and edit button still work and i'm not afraid to call it like I see it or worse group everything together under the friendly wider "whatever goes" "you're okay, i'm okay" politically correct banner I see so sadly these days. Nobody is willing to stand up for what they believe anymore with conviction...if they do they get branded as "haters" missing the whole point of why they believe passionately in what and why they have some firm opinions which is for the love of the music and the respect and appreciation for the greats that brought it to the table before them.

If in this example it sucks, it sucks plain and simple and if its sappy cheesy commercial intent diminishes the beauty of the original version with its meandering sugar coated sax crap then it sucks plain and simple for me and my ears and musical experience.

Straight shooter calling it as I SEE IT.......other's are entilted to THEIR opinion...... that's clearly mine on the subject with no lack of conviction on my part in the matter.

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