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Originally Posted by LiquidSoul546
Haha, thanks for the laugh brocke, it just proves my point even more.... Just a showmanship drummer. So what he can hang upside down and play drums, i bte both of us could too. But i can understand what your tryin to say.
Hahahaha, you know damn right you couldnt play upside down...or how bout, playing upside down while spinning your sticks?!?!?! exactly like t-bone does it in M0TLEY CRUE's "WILD SIDE" video! i think tommy lee is an extremely talented drummer. and maybe a reason for his technique/dynamics not being as good as many of you think they should be is that because most drummers focus on there technique/dynamics. but thats gotta be kinda hard cause when he plays: he sings back up, does acrobatic drum solos, and still manages to stay in time while drumming. most drummers just sit behind the kit and play all night(and thats not hard to focus on if thats what your doing all night), but not tommy...t-bone has to be thinking on whats coming up in the show, and what stunts he's going to be doing that night...TOMMY LEE IS A GOD IN ROCK HISTORY!!! nuff said
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