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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post

PS. A Kenny G joke ... Kenny walks into an elevator and says, "Hey! This place is really happening!"
LOL. I think that says it in a nutshell.

My dad liked Kenny G but I never had any use for him except for Christmas presents. Then it was Andrea Bocelli and then Chris Botti. They parade these folks about the middle class. I think it's Celtic Thunder now. Is there anything more lame then a bunch of mediocre singers, singing worn out tunes? And that 'Josh Groban' tune is Danny Boy with new lyrics; but he sells millions.

I did try to turn my dad onto to Blue Note, Louie, Brubeck or Coltrane; but he just didn't like it. He always liked muzak too and would blast that stuff Sunday mornings. We called in dentist office music because you always heard it in dentists' offices; and of course dentists had the highest suicide rate at that time. Perhaps it was the music.

The bottom line is Kenny G is not jazz. It is soft, instrumental pop. So it you're out there making jazz and trying to do something interesting and innovative with the music as Metheny has been for almost forty years, and you have this guy, any guy or girl, being called a great jazz musician and commercializing on the work that the greats have done, it is your duty to say "hey, you know this is BS. Listen to some real jazz." People love that Armstrong rendition, which was featured in Good Morning Viet Nam and became a a big hit again. It is lame to commercialize it in this context.

I actually like the rendition of the Journey tune. It pales in comparison to Steve. Everything is down an It's hard to ruin a great song. I just learned that groove this weekend. It's a nice one.
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