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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Originally Posted by Steamer View Post

KG is like the fast food watered equivalent to music for those wanting a easy quick fix on the ears without any real substance that taste okay for the first 5 minutes but leaves a real bad tastes in your mouth about 20 minutes later......

But he still has a right to do it, and some people may even like it, even if they aren't as musically literate as others. It's not right dictating what others should and shouldn't do, and what should be considered right and wrong. One's wrong is anothers right. If there was no "bad" music, then there wouldn't be anything to compare the "good" music to. No one has the right to declare what is musically tasteful and what is not, except to themselves. I never even heard the Kenny/Armstrong thing, I don't have to. Whether I like it or not is irrevelant. But I will defend his right to do it, for whatever reason. If he is doing it for a cash grab, then those in the know will understand that and not buy into it. Those who don't like it won't be helping Kennys bottom line. Those who like it but don't get the money grab thing still have a right to enjoy it, those who like it AND get it, but don't buy it because it's a money grab are hypocrites. Surely we don't want musical censorship do we?
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