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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Some here seem to have missed the whole point on a more serious level so I give up since I don't play the game of turning the filter and edit button off and calling into the mix the "everything goes" card as a lame reason for allowing in mediocre offerings in the name of "music" to be acceptable. The word "respect" for the intent of the original musical offering by Mr Armstrong certainly also plays into this from mine and obviously Pat Metheny's take on the horrid KG "interpretation" in question under fire.

And no its not a case of snobery folks why I state this its knowing what's is clearly "musical" BS and simply a money making marketing ploy and what has any true depth and meaning from a musical perspective in contrast. As you grow and learn as a musician and a listener alike the filter and edit button gets better "tuned" the deeper you listen and gain knowledge and wisdom on the art of all things that we call music.

KG is like the fast food watered equivalent to music for those wanting a easy quick fix on the ears without any real substance that taste okay for the first 5 minutes but leaves a real bad tastes in your mouth about 20 minutes later......

Arguing the "everything goes" card STILL doesn't make it right folks. Opinion unchanged on this matter as you may have already guessed.....

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