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Originally Posted by JT1 View Post
Also I say I would play for free but in reality I would need to be paid if it was my full time job. However if I was asked to go touring full time and they said we can't pay you but we can supply you with food, transport and accommodation, I would say sign me up doc!
oh don't get me wrong, so would i (and i have in the past). but when your a young adult that doesn't have cash cow parents and need to keep spending money on buying new equipment and fuel then you really need some kind of income (especially if you only have enough time to work a part time job because of your practice requirements).
I would play music for free, I go and do work experience at local schools for free just because its fun, but in the end that won't enable me to play in tokyo, sydney, new york, barcelona, paris, etc.

Originally Posted by JPW View Post
I still sometimes listen to the simple stuff I hear on the radio or TV just to stay connected to the current movements in popular music. But the perspective has changed. I don't listen to it to find great musicians (if I actually find one, it'll be a surprise bonus =P) but I try to listen to what the producers have been doing, what influences have they had, what new they have developed if anything and how the songs have been written and constructed to really influnce the masses on large scale.
I agree entirely. I think we have a very similar viewpoint. For example, I listen to post rock (its one of my favourite styles of music/drumming at the moment), but I only listen to the best bands, e.g. from monument to masses, god is an astronaut, etc. I haven't got enough time to listen to a whole genre.

For example, my practice schedule so far today has been from 6am til 12pm, then 1pm 4pm.
I've covered warm ups, some rudimental work, metal/progressive/post rock/drum and bass/dubstep/hip-hop/electro/pop, and im in the middle of a few hours of afro cuban.
Then I have to spend this afternoon/evening producing and recording for my own/other peoples compositions and then finally go and have a band practice at about 8pm.

You'll notice I left out jazz, i do whole day sessions on this rather than a few hours here and there because I find I have to get into the mode to actually get anything out of it, it's the style of music I struggle most with at the moment.

In closing, I don't listen to the white stripes at all, and it really isn't what I'd normally play, but if it gets a 8 year old kid to pick up drums like I did and have a great time then I have to respect it. As much as I don't listen to them now, its bands like blink 182, the offspring, limp bizkit, korn etc that got me into music in the first place! I say music, because music is so much more than simply playing drums in my opinion.
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