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Default Re: Jack White Defends Meg

I think Drum-Head nailed it, in that there's some jealously going on. She's become more famous than any of us will by playing really simple stuff, and that kind of makes us feel like all that time we've spent in the practice room has been a waste.

A part of me does feel that way, and in an ideal world the best musicians would also be the most famous. But that's not the way it is, at least in the pop music world; the musicians who find the most fame are the ones who can write songs that connect with people. Just listen to Bob Dylan or Neil Young and you'll see what I mean. Most music fans aren't very impressed by technical virtuosity. However, if you can pair great musicianship with great songwriting, you'll be a superstar because you can appeal to musicians and non-musicians like (see The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, etc.).
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