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Default Re: Jack White Defends Meg

It's mostly pop/rock/dance on radio in Oz too I don't hear metal in Oz radio although I'm sure there's a station or two. I have noticed more metal appearing in TV ads aimed at appealing to young guys.

I'm hoping that metal doesn't get huge here as it has in Scandinavia and the US. I only like a few metal numbers, most of them by either Tool or RATM. I'm a King Crimson nut but their metal side leaves me cold, apart from LTIA. The minute there's Cookie Monsters or machine gun grooves, I'm out. I'd rather hear WS any day.

Metal ain't what it used to be. Now Black Sabbath, that was fun. But this growl growl boogidy boogidy stuff ... gimme a break! lol Where's the charm? Ozzy had it!

I can hardly make out anything that the growlers are saying and when I do it's normally just young men's angst. Wowie zowie. The weird thing is that every metalhead I meet is a fair dinkum lovely guy. I can't put the two together - these fun, intelligent, easygoing guys and this maniacally angry music. I can only guess that they're getting it out of their systems. There might be some value to musical Gestalt therapy that acts as a safety valve, but I's rather not hear it. There ya go. Some of you think WS are primitive and I think modern metal is ugly. No accounting for taste, eh?

Wow, that was a rant ... probably been reading too much Pat Methany talking about Kenny G.

Thaard, I'd love to play Seven Nation Army ... just sit there going thump thump thump with attitude for half a song. Bring it on, I say :)

EDIT: Dios, I agree with Peter E in that more headroom = more "on the button" minimalist playing. It depends on the style though. The lack of headroom in WS creates a certain feel that's appealing. It wouldn't work as well played slick and precise. Dave Grohl has done well for himself too, even though he wouldn't have anywhere near as much headroom as Peter E.
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