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Default Re: Jack White Defends Meg

Hmmm... minimalistic? I fondly remember reading a copy of Modern Drummer where contributing staff drummer (the great) Peter Erskine slammed Dave Grohl over a Modern Drummer interview where Dave was quoted as taking an "admitted minimalistic" approach to drumming. The comment that Erskine made has stuck with me to this day which was "in order to be considered minimalistic you must be capable of virtuosity" which to me was a bit harsh, like a slap across the face to one of the most influential drummers of the generation. Taken from one of the modern masters, if i were Dave Grohl i probably would tucked my tail between my legs and gotten myself a good drum instructor and then practiced my ass off.

As for Meg, more power to her, you GO GIRL.

Is it better to be Ringo Starr or Neil Peart??? I'd have rather been Ringo, duh???
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