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Originally Posted by toddy View Post
actually i've been playing death metal with my friends from the age of about 12 ;-) that said i don't only play double bass, everything in moderation! hehe.

yeah i figured finland would have a strong metal presence on the radio (same with norway, sweden). to be honest i only listen to this kind of music for about an hour a day, just blitz through some opeth/death/black dahlia murder for a little variation to the other stuff i play :-)

the uk radio (BBC) is probably one of the best in the world, we have a huge diversity of music played (there are shows for most types of music on during the night/morning, and the shows are available as podcasts for a week after they have been played).
I used to be metal head too (I just love the calculated crazy metal stuff like Meshuggah, Dillinger Escape Plan etc), but my roots are in jazz so I sort of returned home when I (re)discovered fusion (and post-rock) couple of years ago. Nowadays I usually visit only the best from the former genres I used to listen or try some new hot names my metal friends are hypeing about. =)

I still sometimes listen to the simple stuff I hear on the radio or TV just to stay connected to the current movements in popular music. But the perspective has changed. I don't listen to it to find great musicians (if I actually find one, it'll be a surprise bonus =P) but I try to listen to what the producers have been doing, what influences have they had, what new they have developed if anything and how the songs have been written and constructed to really influnce the masses on large scale. And how all these things change when time goes by. It's now much more easy to say where all those things come from when I have really listened to almost every genre there is (obviously not all, but it's not the rarest ones usually that influence the pop culture, sometimes that happens too though). But all of that doesn't really involve the drumming or the drummer. I think it's a bit silly to give huge amounts of credit to a drummer when 99% of the song is about songwriting and producing and marketting and hair and clothing. =P And band memeber's opinions don't really count since obviously they want to back each other out, even if they are ex's.
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