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Default Re: Jack White Defends Meg

Originally Posted by toddy View Post
out of interest, do you actually think that Jack makes music with his primary influence being money? i'm sure you were being sarcastic (in retrospect). my opinion is that money makes the world go round, and without backing i will never be able to do it.
Indeed I was being sarcastic, I wouldn't know if he does or not as I don't read up on him to know but his comment does make me wonder. I agree entirely, money does make the world go around and that is what I have my full time job for, I work, get paid, buy stuff for my kit and play gigs for nothing, that's the reality and truth of it. Obviously it is his full time job and he has to make money from it but whether he does it for the money or not is a different thing.

Also I say I would play for free but in reality I would need to be paid if it was my full time job. However if I was asked to go touring full time and they said we can't pay you but we can supply you with food, transport and accommodation, I would say sign me up doc!
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