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Originally Posted by toddy View Post
i'm not sure what the playlists are like in finland, but in the UK we have mainly pop/rock/dance on the national radio station.
Funny that you brought that up actually. I sometimes have a slight difficulty imagining what radio stations are playing in different countries. Finland is one of those rare countries where we have quite a dominant metal scene. So we hear metal on a radio a lot (Nightwish, Him, Stratovarius etc. just to name a few finnish bands). I don't know if it's better though. Kids only want to play metal. So if you think it's bad around here on this board with all the double bass threads, you propably wouldn't enjoy yourself on the finnish boards. =P That's actually one of the reasons I like the vibe here better.

But even if it's silly to go all out with the metal at young age it'll challenge you much further than WS would. So I dunno... Eitherway it's great if it gets you to play with others. =)
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