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Default Re: Jack White Defends Meg

Yep JT, must admit that I couldn't keep holding back to the degree that Meg does - I'd burst!

Still, my understanding is that Jack changes arrangements at gigs around without notice and Meg has to be ready for it, so staying put allows him the freedom to go for it and lets her listen out for sudden changes without the risk of a train crash.

If the drums are in the middle of a hero fill then Jack has no choice but stay at home and play the arrangement as per the record. It's not a democratic band - Meg's a stay-at-home-mum (drum) while Jack goes a'gallivanting. That's the dynamic.

When there's just two people it does allow for more flexibility than in most rock, while at the same time throwing a ton of responsibility on each player. I've seen two-man free improvs but if they make an error most people wouldn't even know, whereas with the WS an error would stick out like dog's yarbles.

No sense hiring Vinnie to play that role. Meg's ideal.
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