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Default Re: Jack White Defends Meg

Originally Posted by JPW View Post
As I said before, if you like the music it's ok (I don't particularly enjoy it, have tried to like it though). If she inspires, especially young girls to pick up drums it's definitely great. I just wouldn't start yet another simplicity-cult around her, there's just too many of those already, I think. I would start it around someone who has a bit more life behind him/her & has something more feelwise going than a great songwriter to back her up. =)
i don't actually listen to their music at all (i think i heard a couple of their songs when i was younger), but if you go and teach young children then its these kinds of bands/artists who get them interested in playing drums. i'm talking the general-off-the-street kid, not some 9 year old child prodigy who gets taught by great teachers.

i do agree with what you said, but - when was the last time you heard bands including players like dave weckl, steve smith etc playing on national radio? (not talking sessions here, actual bands). i'm not sure what the playlists are like in finland, but in the UK we have mainly pop/rock/dance on the national radio station.
most of the kids that i help out are into bands like the killers, foals, foo fighters, radiohead, etc.

this kind of music isn't as complicated as insert random high quality jazz/fusion band here, but it's just as relevant. infact in terms of young kids learning i think it's more relevant because it's the kind of stuff they hear in their day to day lives. once they get into drums you can then steer them in the direction of music that is different.

out of interest, do you actually think that Jack makes music with his primary influence being money? i'm sure you were being sarcastic (in retrospect). my opinion is that money makes the world go round, and without backing i will never be able to do it.
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