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Originally Posted by JPW View Post
But the thing is for me that can you take credit for being a "minimalist" if the only thing you can do is to be a minimalist? Hey I can draw a stick figure on a canvas, am I now the greatest ever minimalist or naivist althought that's all I could ever draw anyways?
A limited player is a great choice to play minimalism because they won't get bored :)

JP, you could start up an art franchise with your custom stick figures! However, if you are struggling to pay the rent because they are less well-received by the public than the WS, then you might have to think about why ...

Look, I get it. I really do. I still remember playing the traps and the bitter feeling of seeing bands who were far more limited and less skilled than my groups going somewhere fast. And we were going nowhere.

Why? Because they struck a chord in audiences - often through being connected with a scene - and we failed to make those connections. We just played what we thought was pretty good music. Not enough. If you don't make those emotional connections then you'd better be very, very, very good.

I'm not bitter any more. I'm getting old and now and only playing for fun, so I don't think it terms of hierarchies. If a track appeals to me, fine. If not, that's fine too. I just find something very pleasing about WS music - it's sassy, melodic, fun and the overall band sound is great.
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