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Default Re: Jack White Defends Meg

I think it's not only her playing per se. I believe a lot of jealousy comes into hand regarding the fact the she is a 'mediocre' drummer and made it big, while others have put countless hours into trying to be as good as humanly possible and never managed to succeed as a professional musician.

Also, a lot of us adhere to what wee commonly see as drumming standards - having decent technique, good timing etc. Meg is sort of out of that realm.

Finally, Meg managed to do what I lot of us would love to do: make a living out of what she loves. And on the contrary of many drummers you see here and there, I have yet to see her be cocky about it in regards to her drumming skills.

Take note that I used quotation marks. I'm not trying to judge her here but I need a word to qualify her drumming skills. I'm not a bit fan of their music, but regardless of her drumming abilities Meg White does compliment well the songs I've heard. (But I still cannot stand listening to 'Seven Nation Army'! Argh! That song drives mes nuts!)

Wow, I never thought I would be talking of Meg White like this lol!
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