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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Let's hear it for Kenny!

Also from Wikipedia: Kenny G has stated that all the proceeds from "What A Wonderful World" go to his Kenny G Miracles Foundation which "funnel(s) the money to charities to purchase musical instruments and to supplement funding for the arts in schools."

Kenny is a bit of an outsider in the jazz scene and does his own thing. He probably just thought, "Hey, that would be fun!".

It looks to me to be one of those common faux pas where one has no idea how important something is to others until they blow up. I've done a million of 'em myself. Like the time I was at a dinner party and, being an instant coffee girl, just filled up the filter coffee jug to when people asked for more. I'm still being given heaps about that one 5 years later - lol

But I'll tell you what, I won't be doing that again and I doubt Kenny will do another Sachmo cover either. Never mind, lots more gaucheness where that came from.

How uncool is Kenny? Also from Wikipedia: He is also one of the original investors in the Starbucks coffee house chain. Hmm, maybe he is evil? :)

Polly aka Klutzes R Us

PS. A Kenny G joke ... Kenny walks into an elevator and says, "Hey! This place is really happening!"
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