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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
This argument has gone on since as long as I can remember.
I listen to Kenny, Pat, Monk, Benny, and hundreds of others.
Shouldn't there be a full spectrum of Jazz? Something for everyone!
We all have choice as far as what we listen to.
I don't see the reason for the bashing of Smooth Jazz artist by the "purest".
Its kind of like Catholics bashing Protestants.
A Porsche owner bashing a MG owner.
Sometimes it's nice to sit down to Sanborn and just relax.
Personally, I don't care what other people listen to.
I don't care what name marketing people give to a style of music!
I agree, Bob. It's music that caters for a particular audience. Retailers have to place the music somewhere. Clearly they have found that the jazz section yields the best results in terms of finding the target audience. So it gets called "jazz".

What the public wants is often NOT what we musicians want to play. There's a tension between musicians with specialist tastes and the public. How many musicians play one style to make a living and then have side projects that allow them to express themselves? Lucky Kenny - he happens to enjoy music that's highly popular! His hobby is his work.

Most times, whenever we want to stretch out or move outside the box, we are punished - through lack of gigs, lack of sales or criticism. Stan, you know what it's like; if you play too intensely there'll be someone telling you that's you're not playing *proper* bop. As with much of life, there's always someone trying to squeeze you into a constricting box.

So you get someone like Pat Metheny who sees Kenny G horning in [sic] on his smooth jazz crossover niche in the market, simplifying it and lowering the bar musically. You'd expect Pat to be frustrated because it pressures him to dumb down his offerings to regain the share that Kenny is taking from him.

The problem is the crossover aspect of his audience, who don't notice the dumbing down and simply enjoy the increased focus and visceral appeal. The other problem is that women make up half the population and most of us have musical taste that ranges from the the insipid to the banal - lol

BTW, since chasing down that Song Bird link of Kenny's I've had the damn thing stuck in my head all day. Guess that partly explains his popularity :)

PS. None of this is "politically correct". It's just how things are. Nothing in life is ideal, including the music scene.
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