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Default Re: The Stooges and still no Rush.....Really???

It's really sad, I do think Iggy & the Stooges deserve it but there's like you said no Rush and then there's Kiss,Deep Purple(come on),Grand Funk Railroad, Yes,Stevie Miller,Joe Walsh,Humble Pie,etc. I could keep going
& then I see ABBA,Grandmaster Flash, & The Moonglows (who are they?)
in the Hall of Fame.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was est. in 1986 and didn't. induct Led-Zeppelin until 1995 & Black Sabbath in 2006.

IMO The typ. rock & roll musician dosen't. vote on the inductee's which is also sad because a lot of white-collar karaoke singing suburbanite's are voting which is destroying the Hall IMO.

I live approx. 120 mi. from the Hall of fame and have no desire too go there because of this.

I've ranted long enough LOL

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