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Wow, didn't know Bon was a drummer...

...I saw ACDC in Melbourne in Feb this year...

...and I wondered, did the arrival of Brian Johnson make the band more successful than they had ever been before?

Ian I agree with you Brian Johnson is cool but he will never fill Bon's shoes I think Bon was as important too ACDC as John Bonham was too Led Zep.............irreplaceable. their last album has been the closest they came too "Back In Black" in a long time through.
Yeah, there was something about Black Ice, it had this new touch about it...if ACDC changed their sound they wouldn't be as popular as they will notice that they sound the same, I mean (not to confuse you), since Brian Johnson joined the band, ACDC's sound hasn't changed much until Black Ice...

...the bass grooves seemed really more prominent, the grooves really drove the songs this time...and Angus' lead playing held back a bit and Phil actually did some drumming that was a bit more intricate.
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