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Default Re: Pat Metheny on Kenny G and other Jazz greats

Wow, Pat really didn't hold back there!

Todd, Kenny isn't purely instrumental pop; there's elements of jazz there in that he starts with a theme tune and then improvises before returning to the theme, e.g. Song Bird. If he's only in it for the money then he sure spent a lot of time practising to do it. He's a Grover Washington fan and I have no doubt that he's passionate about what he does.

What is not jazzlike is the lack of interaction between players; the rhythm section lays down the pavement and he solos over the top. He's a crossover artist with elements of both jazz and pop. The music is entirely safe in many adult circles. Inviting the boss and spouse or that important client over for dinner? Put on the Kenny G. A safer bet than some years ago when I had some elderly relatives over and my random collection of songs included Prince's You Sexy Motherf*. When it came on it precipitated a mad dash to change the disc. No mad dashes needed if you have Kenny G :)

Thing is, we musos live in a musical bubble and our tastes are often far removed from that of the average person, many of whom would describe Kenny's music as "beautiful" or "relaxing". We often look for edges because smooth is old hat to us, but less experienced listeners are only looking for the superficialities ... "oh, that's lovely". Kenny's music is like like one of those standard landscape paintings - absolutely standard and safe as milk.

Pat's wrong. There's plenty of music more stupid that that of Kenny G. Try the Top 40 any way of any week.
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