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Default Re: The Stooges and still no Rush.....Really???

Maybe cos it's a hall of fame and not a Best Of - in which case, best by what standards?

What are the attributes of great music? Non-musicians don't care about technical prowess unless it's super-showy. They are usually looking for a synergy between the vocal line, the backing music and the lyrics.

I've long loved King Crimson because they always produce the most unique, varied and jaw-droppingly good band sound of anyone. Sonic heaven. However, there's no way they compare to, say, The Beatles or ABBA when it comes to creating a synergistic mix of vocal line, accompaniment and lyrics. No contest. As a rule, prog band lyrics tend to be naive, irrelevant and/or pretentious.

It depends what you're looking for. A lot of people don't want to be challenged because they use music for relaxation and background so they don't care for prog, which can be challenging and is an acquired taste and, really, not FUN like, say, ABBA or The Stones. No, prog is made for us serious young insects - our exclusive club :)
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