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Default Re: The Stooges and still no Rush.....Really???

The R&RHoF is paranoid of Prog-rock bands. I heard sometime, somewhere their reasoning about their "anti-progressive rock" stand. But it's not worth giving them anymore publicity about this outrageous omission from their entity, than it deserves to have.

Personally, I believe they give Rush MUCH more reason to have them included due to the outrage of other bands, acts, and the general public who know that they deserve to be recognized.

How can you justify having "rap" and "pop" acts in there and leave out acts like Rush, Yes, King Crimson, Kansas, etc...?

That's why the R&RHoF has VERY little merit to me and a whole lot of others. They make themselves look foolish and will continue to do so as long as prog-rock is left out of the balloting...PERIOD.
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