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Its impossible to quantify how good "X" drummer is compared to "Y." Attempting to do so is simply going to cause undue animosity. That said, there are drummers who obviously stand out for whatever reason from their peers, just like bands as an entity sometimes do.

John Bonham is obviously one of those drummers. Is he as technically proficient as some modern drummers or some drummers back in his day? Probably not. But drums aren't an instrument that rely soley on technique. Feel, groove, and taste are all arguably more important that any technical prowess.

Bonzo is a rock drumming legend who has insipred hundreds of thousands of drummers. His influence cannot be overstated. He is inextricably part of one of the largest bands of all time, much like Ringo to the Beatles, and is one of the few drummers who defines the instrument.

I know that people can sometimes get caught up in looking for technical frills in drummers, but holy-****, listen to that groove.
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