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Default Re: What made you want to play drums more than anything?

For me it began after failing in an astounding way at various wind instruments. I just didn't have the "it" that a person must have to be able. I think in some ways it was probably a lack of patience. I started banging around on upside down garbage cans when I was in the sixth grade and then re-joined the school band as a drummer. Snare drum parts seemed so easy. I had learned how to read music (somewhat) but then snare drum parts seemed so very easy. Of course that was a long time ago, with music that was simple but it just seemed like it worked.

Then I started getting more serious about my playing. I started to learn that drums were in fact an instrument and not just a beat.

From there it just became something I could not really live without. I mean, I was unhappy if I could not play. I was always looking for something to play and always looking to learn something new. I can remember learning rolls, learning how to let the sticks do the work, all of it was so much fun.

After a while I started playing a set and loved it even more. I can remember the days of garage bands (playing stuff from Sabbath, Zep, and then newer stuff like Ozzy (solo), Great White, Eagles, Scorpions, and Kiss. Anything rock, anything that felt good.

Today I have learned to love the fast drummers, the slow drummers, jazz drummers and latin drummers. I respect anyone who is in to what they do and works hard to grow. I know the question is what made you want to play drums, which I answered above, but I also know why I keep playing them.

I keep on playing because everything else goes away when I am playing. Work, girlfriend issues, life stresses. It all goes away and I find a place where it is just music. Just music and nothing else and as all of you know, there are just times when you find that place and it is absolutely perfect. Every song, every hit, all your chops and fills and grooves, they all just work. It's when you stop trying to drum and just play.....and as sentimental as all of that sounds, it is so very true.

It is like nothing else, and I have been changed for the better for picking up those sticks.

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