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Default Re: If you ever dreamed of playing in Buddy Rich's band, this may change that!

Originally Posted by Dannar
Buddy most likely didn't keep this band, he didn't have the same band his entire career, he replaced people, people left, the band that continues to tour as the "Buddy Rich Band" has probably even changed players here and there. I think this band wasn't a usual line up for Buddy, the whole time he is telling them to go back to Sydney, It may have just been a temporary band, since alot of big bands would do stuff like that. Just bring in a band and they would read the horn charts.

I agree that the current band is a really hot band!

i don't know about the specific band he was yelling at on the link, but just based on the guys we see on the DW videos, you keep on seeing the same horn players and stuff. And then if you watch a few of the Buddy Rich videos, you can see the same players but younger! So whichever band THAT was, they were pretty swell. that's all i was talking 'bout.
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