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Default Re: Football v American Football

Yeah good points Toddy, I was just thinking of MMA fighters here in the U.S. sorry it's just my shallow American thinking : ) I agree MMA is very brutal but it is a different brutal. Guys get popped and the lights go out and they may get hit 1-2 times... Very brutal and I am not going to do it, but no one has ever been paralyzed or dies in MMA (that I know of). If your running at full speed and jump in the air, then get blindsided by a guy who is also running full speed and outweighs you by 20-40 lbs I am pretty sure you would think that it was just as brutal.

Anyway I am pretty sure that this whole dumb thread was just about Soccer and football which are team sports not actually getting in a ring and punching each other. I am sure a guy who wrestle's Alligator's may have a whole different argument but thats not what this thread is about.
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