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Default Re: Drumming cartoons

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
I'm still visualising Steamer sitting astride his flying saucer size ride cymbal, dressed in full death metal gear, decending onto a stage filled with debauchery with the tag "now that's what I call a ride".
LOL Stop it, Andy! I have a small queue as it is and dangling irresistible morsels in front of me like this is making it very hard! Oboy oboy oboy I can sooo see that one in my mind's eye.

I've speculated about Bernhard's reaction or non-reaction to the toon but I can't even guess it. The man is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Just in case ... guys, it's been great knowing you, take care, and ... Thaard, we're still waiting for your toon :)
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