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Originally Posted by harryconway View Post
One thing that Keltner pointed out to Charlie was his habit of coming off the hi-hat with his right hand whenever he would hit a backbeat with his left. "I was never conscious of it until Jim mentioned it," Charlie comments. "But I do it a lot. I've noticed it on videos, and it actually annoys me to see myself doing it. It really comes, I think, from coming down heavy on the backbeat. I don't use that grip that Ringo uses. I did for a few years, because I thought it was popular. But then I was told to go back to the other way by Ian Stewart, who used to set up my drums. He virtually ordered me to go back to what he called 'the proper way of playing,' " Charlie laughs. "So I went back to the military grip, and I really do prefer it, but because of the amount you ride on the hi-hat, I suppose I got in the habit of pulling the other stick out of the way to get a louder sound.
"I've never consciously done it, but a lot of times when we make a record I am consciously not doing it......"
as quoted from Modern Drummer, Feb. 1990.
Great post - but well, be sure:
Charlie was never as naive as it comes over here.
Take it as british understatement...and we can't see when reading the wink wink in his eyes during this

Problem came up when recording Carol - a really fast tune. That was just a little too fast for Charlie, so they also put in a heavy handclapping and faded out finally - duration only two minutes and some.... Of course these times was no Pro Tools and Sequenzing around... Rumour goes, that also another drummer was engaged...

In this video you see (..playback), that he mimiks a simple jazz swing groove ( around 0:35) - not to compare with the steady hi-hat and backbeat on the orignal Stones recording:

Later on, they played it much slower, here:

Then he found the trick!!!!


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