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Default Re: Which city should a chose for musicians?

Originally Posted by secondXheartbeat View Post
Dallas/Fort Worth has lots of Christian metalcore and post hardcore bands. LOTS. Lots of churches too where I'm sure you could find like-minded individuals who play instruments.

Its kind of over saturated to be honest. Lots of DWP/Underoath clones. Not my cup of tea but this area is definitely a good place to do that. Plenty of venues that cater to that style.
Thanks for that info man! I hope that the scene is still good around this time next year. Thats when i will be looking to move. I like dwp and underoath. I put underoat down as one of the bands that i count as an influence. I want to play a combo of death metal, metalcore, and other stuff that may be a little harder to describe. Some of the bands that i count as influences to give you a better idea of what im into are: Living Sacrifice, Zao, Underoath, Meshuggah, Pantera, Converge and Extol. Of coarse i want to be as original as possible and pull from these influences but not copy them.

Also, is Dallas/Fort worth a safe area as far as crime goes? I want to see if it is also a good place to live.
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