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Default Re: Football v American Football

Originally Posted by nhzoso View Post
NO I bet most would not.. Most have probably played Football at one time or another. It's a different kind of brutality but still very very brutal. In alot of area's Boxing with gloves is still considered more dangerous than this mma cage fighter stuff, I think it has to do with the gloves allowing someone to get hit more often where as in bare knuckles you get hit like that your down and the fight is over, not much chance for repetitive blows to the head.
that's true, the boxing gloves allow you to hit more often and with greater force. but american football more brutal than MMA? leaving out some of the hits that get put out by people like troy, MMA tops it easily. most cage fighters won't have played american football at all, the wrestlers/boxers may have, but unless they were brought up in the US then they'll have been training in their chosen discipline from a very young age.

i'm not saying that american football isn't for strong/willed people. i watched college football in the middle of the night and had NFL network running constantly on sundays last season (in the uk), so it's not like i have anything against it.

have you ever tried muay thai or krav maga or brazillian jujitsu? or any MMA for that matter?
btw we're talking actual cage fighting here, not just simply training, right?
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