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Default Re: If you ever dreamed of playing in Buddy Rich's band, this may change that!

I laugh, every time I hear that's EXCELLENT.

The kids working in the industry today, will NEVER know how hard most of the so called 'legends' had it. THEY WORKED damned hard....and they played hard, also.
They had a creed and an ethic, and if you couldn't hack it, you were nothing.
It was survival of the fittest, and that's why so many of the players from that era were as good as they were....the level of competition was so high, if you couldn't perform at it, that's it, you were toast.
Bands and players lived and died on their reputations to deliver. It's a system that could at times be very brutal, but, produced absolute masters.

And you should know, Rich was never harder on anyone, than he was on himself.
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