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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Originally Posted by wingzildjian View Post
-What comes with the original box packaging? Ie, drum key, instructional manual etc..?

-Does all custom drums comes with running sequence serial number?

Thanks all experts for your time... :)
If I recall, the accompanying box has a DVD (which is tremendously boring actually - if you've researched your purchase there is nothing new); a microfiber cleaning cloth; general care instructions (might have been a booklet?) and then any necessary memory locks etc.

Both of my orders were sequential within the set. IIRC badging is done as one of the very last steps before your kit ships. (I did the tour like 3 years ago - if I recall the hardware station was one end (badges in there somewhere) and at the other end, heads & hoops were put on, the drum was tuned and given a final inspection.
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