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Originally Posted by Chaos_Inferno View Post
Hey Derek, I was watching that solo... awesome stuff of course, but then saw in the related videos you playing a Serpents Rise song and then realized I never found like a collective of the recordings you guys made of the songs... I've heard several mixes and seen you guys post rough versions/demos of songs and then what I believe were at least certain songs that were finished.

Did you ever upload all the completed songs, even if they're just individual links or did you release them as a pieced together album of sorts? I've seen your posts on several other forums but even browsing through most of those rather large threads I never saw them and now I'm curious.

Thanks in advance :)
Cheers man....yeah, I'll have the final Serpents Rise finished within this month.

I'll post them on my site and here at Drummerworld for everyone to download.
Of course, I will offer a physical CD that will be available through my website, Amazon, ITunes, etc...
Glad you dig the stuff.

It sounds so much better than those demos....can't wait to get it out there.

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