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Default Re: Trying to drop some pounds

Thanks all for the good advice!

As is i drink a lot of soda. I know i need to cut that out. A lot of the times i will continue to eat even when im full because of liking the the taste of what im eating. So that needs to change as well. I also find that i eat when im board even when im not hungry. These are all bad habits that need to change.

Here is a queston, when a musician is on the road or playing a lot of late night gigs where its not so easy to eat healthy what can they do to eat well? I know that Bobby Rock, who is also vegan, somehow manages to eat well and stay in shape. And i assume that he gigs and tours a lot. So i believe it can be done.

I have tendinitis in both of my wrists (i had surgery on my left wrist twice about 11 years ago) and i had knee surgery almost 2 years ago. So i have to find a way to lift weights in a way that wont hurt my wrists and knee.
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