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Default Re: Ironwood drum set

Originally Posted by Big_Philly View Post
Every now and then the 4-piece bug just strikes out of nowhere - I know the feeling. I wonder if guys like Terry Bozzio and Mike portnoy get that same thing from time to time though...
What's with the heads on the 8" and 10" toms? There seems to be some wrinkling on them - is that normal for Fyberskin heads when they get older?
Yeah, that's something that Fiberskyns do. They have fibers of plastic pressed together to mimic the cellular structure of real hide. However, as these heads wear, they tend to deliminate and I pull off the bubbled layers as needed. Underneath is a Diplomat, Ambassador or Emperor head.

Coated heads wear out their coating. Each kind of head wears out in its own way.
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