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Originally Posted by Bernhard View Post
Just uploaded some videos from the great new DVD "Blast Beats Evolved" - check it out...

..and a solid Rock Drumming with Paul Gilbert i filmed from behind the scenes at the Musikmesse last year...


Cheers Bernhard....coming to the states anytime this year?

Originally Posted by dairyairman View Post
i hear you just joined thomas lang with DW. is that true?

Yes is. Proud to be there.

Originally Posted by toddy View Post
oh that is awesome! congratulations derek.
can i ask how you ended up working with today is the day? did it work out as you simply being a session musician for the album?
Cheers man....
Well, with TITD....Steve told me exactly what I wanted to hear......and when it was over.....did exactly opposite of that.
I thought the drums I tracked for him....were going to be scratch drums... so I could go home learn the songs better (with vox, etc...) and, then record the songs.
I mean 1 day after I recorded those drums....he started booking a tour (which he said he didn't want to do anymore, yadda, yadda, yadda....)

That's why I didn't say around.
I had just gotten out of the same situation with other bands and, I saw TITD was going to be no different (even thought Steve assured me it wouldn't)
I couldn't keep putting my life on hold..... so, others could escape theirs.

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