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Default Re: Trying to drop some pounds

My bass player is a vegetarian and overweight and out of shape......but he CAN play.

I've been drumming since 1973 and into fitness since 1975 so I am qualified to answer you.

Jack LaLannne says it best; "Exercise is King and Diet is Queen". Focus on moving your body. Going from nothing to something will get you some results. You should lift weights - briefly (15 mins) - at least twice per week covering your entire body. Knowing what to do is another story altogether. Get on a treadmill or stationary cycle or stepper OR WHATEVER. Make a written plan.

Monday--I will do X
Tuesday--I will do Y

Start with committing 15 minutes per day roughly at the same time. Focus your food on High FIBER and LOW to ZERO sugar. Good Luck!


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