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Originally Posted by theindian View Post
Hey Derek, I'm big fan of your work. I have been getting into the multi-pedal thing lately. I was wondering if you had some general tips for pedal placement & pedal settings. I have a 6 pedal set up from left to right.

Axis A shortboard w/ gajate bracket to LP Matador Cowbell.
Axis LB Hi-Hat max tension w/ 14" Paiste 2002 SE
X LB double pedal 22" Ludwig Classic Maple Kick
Gilbralter Remote Hi-Hat w/ 14" Zildjian Mastersound
Axis X w/ gajate mount LP Black Beauty Cowbell

All the pedals are set at 3/4 pedal tension, beater angle is standard 45*, the pedals on the cowbells have plastic beaters. Everything fits together pretty well overall, except the remote hat b/c it doesn't have velcro on the bottom.

I can play some pretty cool patterns and have gotten to the point where I can solo on top of some easy ones (say a 4 pedal samba pattern).

I was just wondering if you had any advice that would make my set more effecient as far as placement, pedal settings, general movement, and anything else you know.
I know its hard w/o a pic, so I will try to post some later. As you can see I am a pretty big fan of Axis, but I noticed that you use Sonor Giant Steps for everything but the kicks. Do pedals like that seem to work better for multi-pedal work?

Thanks for your help.
You know...I don't put much thought into this really. Some days feel better than others...even when the gear hasn't changed.
You're set up is similar to mine.....I have a foot snare, ribbon crasher, main hat, L kick, R kick, R hat, 6" tom.
Yeah, I only need the Axis pedal for the main kicks.
The Aux pedals....I don't care as much about because I don't really spend much time on those pedals....not like I do on my main kicks.
The reason for this is simply.....Axis are expensive pedals....and when I go into a store for....lets say a clinic or whatnot......The store owners don't have to spend extra....on getting 4 more axis pedals, etc. This way....I don't "rely" on the pedals for that type of execution. I can play pretty much on any pedal (Playing on an Axis pedal for 20 years will do that)....I just prefer the Axis feel for the kicks.
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