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Default Re: Trying to drop some pounds

I yoyo'ed my way from 285 down to 230 and back, I'm at about 250 now with a gradual but permanent loss of about 10 lbs/ yr just by taking baby steps as opposed to drastic diet change.

First thing i did was to condition myself to STOP EATING once I was no longer hungry. I was in the habit of eating until i was full. I don't do that anymore. That was a focus for 2-3 months. Once that was part of my automatic routine, i focused on the next thing

Next thing was concentrate on portion size. I used to get 2 big sandwiches or a footlong sub or a 3 pc chicken dinner with sides or the biggest steak on the menu. I don't burn that on a daily basis anymore. Now i get 1 sandwich and no fries.

Next thing was to cut the sodas out. I use artificially sweetened drinks now exclusively, plus a ton of water. Make the switch from whole milk to 2%. Once you're used to 2% go 1% and then skim.

Next, cut out sugars and processed flour altogether.

Another thing was to stop eating big meals within 5 hours of bed time. It's been proven now about the big meals vs small meals thing, it doesn't matter. What matters is total caloric intake. (Funny how we've come full circle back to that. That was the prevailing diet theory in the 50's, 60's and 70's)

Remember, do all these things gradually and you will not miss stuff that you purposefully cut out. If you drop meat altogether all you'll do is increase your cravings for it 24/7.

Excercise is tricky because 90% of people who start a routine fall off within about 30-90 days. Do double bass drum roll excercises for an hour a day and build up your endurance. Heavy metal drummers burn about 600 calories per hour on average. That's some intense cardio vascular going on. if that's not your cup of tea, walking is probably the next easiest, accessible regimen.
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