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Default Re: Trying to drop some pounds

Also eliminate sugar and white flour in all it's variations. Doing this alone will take off most of the unnecessary weight. Eat whole unprocessed foods, the ones found on the outer aisles of your supermarket. (that's where all the refrigeration is).
Sugared soda is one of the worst things you can consume, because the sugar in the soda spikes your blood sugar so fast, insulin has to be released to bring it back down. When this happens, you feel like crap, and crave more sugary stuff after the insulin does it's job. Meanwhile, eating high sugar foods, your blood sugar is up, down, up, down...This makes you feel like crap compared to a steady level of blood sugar, acheived by eating foods that don't prompt an insulin release. Refined sugar, while flour, HFCS, are all slow poisons to humans.
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