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Default Re: Trying to drop some pounds

hey man, i started doing this roughly a year ago. i was fat as a kid and got depressed and ended up weighing over 300 pounds by the time i was 20. what caddywhumpus wrote is true, it is really simple, its just hard to stick to for the first few weeks. it is not simply 'go on a diet and then i can eat crap when i'm lighter' it is literally 'eat nutritious food/good sized portions/do exercise for the rest of my life'.

the first thing i did was stop eating all junk food. anything with high saturated fats i gave away for discount. i also cut out a lot of stuff like pastries, cakes, etc. i then switched to eat more vegetables, salad, fruit, fish and this stuff called 'quorn' (its a meat substitute, really nice stuff).

i then started going to the gym 3 times a week, 2x 1hour cardio and 1x 1 hour cardio/weights. once i had lost some weight (so that my ankles weren't so stressed) i took up football (not american), rugby and regular jogging each morning. well, since those dark days i am down to around 220 pounds. this is still a little heavy, but it is much better than where i was previously.

however like i said, i will not be giving this routine up! exercise and eating well is very good not only for your body but for your brain, and i respect mine so i shall keep it up (hopefully for the rest of my days!). i know what it is like to be overweight (i was morbidly obese for a time) but it is so worth it. you'll feel so much happier!

good luck.
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