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Default Re: Music business scams

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
I recieved this via a Drummerworld private message last week:

How's it going, my name is Barbu Isloi, I'm a Romanian hip hop producer and I'm looking for a drummer to help me create some specific drum sounds I can't really find in drum packs or vst instruments, do you think you can help me with that, I'd love to work with you. Thank you. Contact me at

I replied back but never heard from the guy. I was wondering if anyone else got this. If anyone did, please say so, I thought this might be a scam but he never replied back.
to be honest man, i (used to) find a lot of work this way, mainly through myspace and various chat rooms that some of us chill in. my tip for this kind of thing (especially working with hip hop/dance music) is to deal with the producer directly and make sure you get some sort of deal in place.
what i used to do was offer to do a basic track free for them (would only take 20~ minutes to record and upload a beat) and then they could pay me money if they wanted a final track with percussion, high quality samples, etc. i also have my own private FTP which i hand out to producers i like, this means that any beats that don't get used can go straight up there, and if anyone likes one of them then they can pay for them. basically it's a library of beats that haven't been used, or beats that are 'really good'.

if you are sending beats to producers then just send them at a lower bit rate (e.g. sub 100) because no producer worth their salt will even contemplate using tracks that aren't 320 kbps, especially if you're using cymbals. either that or upload the file as a flash video and allow them to stream it only. beats obviously mean drum/percussion tracks, lol.
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