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Default Re: Music business scams

Here is a copy of one such email:

Good Day,

We Listened to your songs and a few artist on and was impressed. we will like to have your Cd's in our music stores. all over the UK,South Africa,Poland and Some states in the USA.

We will be intrested in 30 pcs of your Latest CD for a start which we will sell out in our stores.If it does move more market then we shall be glad to order for more.

kindly notify us with the total amount plus we will need your information as below so as to send payment by a check/money order.

Full Name:
Address (no Po Box):
Zip code:
Phone Number(s):
Email Address:

Dave Morgan,

Sales Manager
Phone Number:845-507-1538


Unlike most scams, this didn't ask for banking information or anything too out of the ordinary.

But the email was to "undisclosed recipients" and not to my bands actual email address. And the fact that they want 30 CDs up front is a bit strange, given no one ever asks for that many. And they didn't say anything that makes you think they actually listened to the CD. No mention of the band name, song titles, etc. And the weird broken English also didn't seem right.

So lets' see:
A Web search shows the only "Zenith Music Store" is in Australia, and they sell music instruments, not CDs.
And the area code on the phone number they gave me is upstate New York, not Australia.

A google search of the phone number shows the same phone number is listed on multiple scam warning sites, usually associated with offering jobs for mystery shoppers everywhere across the US, New Zeland, and elsewhere.

Scam, scam, scam.

I assume they send you check for more than you request, and then tell you to wire back the difference, meanwhile the check bounces. Or some other such variation. Or once they have the CDs, then they ask you for banking information hoping you'll give it to them rather than risk not getting paid.
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