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Default Re: If you ever dreamed of playing in Buddy Rich's band, this may change that!

There's a difference between being a hard taskmaster and being a prick.

Buddy was, reportedly, more of the latter from what I've read. I mean, compare experiences from musicians who worked with Frank Zappa to those who worked with Buddy Rich. Zappa had some of the best contemporary musicians in the world through his band, and he pushed them as hard as he could. Look at where he made Vinnie and Bozzio take their abilities, for a start. But you don't read stories about him doing stuff like this to his band.

Running a band is like running any business - you have staff, you have work they need to do, you have jobs that need to be performed correctly. Having a culture of excellence is one thing, but having a boss who screams at employees and threatens to fire them at random is another. And, IMHO, they're actually rarely the same thing. That's my experience, anyway. My feeling would be that Buddy managed to hold together an amazing band despite his tendency to go off the deep end rather than because of it.
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