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Originally Posted by paradiddler View Post
I'm glad this thread has some new life!

I absolutely love Alex Van Halen's style of play, mostly because lots of times I can't figure out what he's doing! He plays with such power, yet there's always an undercurrent of nuance that you just can't put your finger on (at least that's how it is for me).

And his style and sound are very unique, even for a rock drummer. He plays and sounds very different from his contemporaries. I do think that his cymbal play is somewhat over the top, as in, a little too much, but hey - that's Alex! One of my favorite songs is "Loss of Control", as mentioned by mikeybbdrummin above; a very underrated song in my book.

I had a go a little while back at covering my favorite Van Halen song, "Girl Gone Bad". To me this is Van Halen's most underrated song; underrated because I think it's so good musically, by all the band members.

Bottom line is that he's in my elite list of favorite drummers, and I hope to cover another of his songs soon. Alex Van Halen rocks.
I agree. Funny, I mentioned Girl Gone Bad in my last post too.
Like I have said in defense of Neil Peart..............same goes for Alex....It doesn't matter who is faster, hits harder, or more technical NOW.......................what matters< to me anyways, is what Alex brought to the table in his day. His style is very unique. And nobody will convince me otherwise.........................My favorites/major influences (and I never say the best on the planet) are Gregg Bissonette, Neil Peart and Alex Van Halen....................I incorporate all three in my style of playing, and I thank them all for the great drumming that made me like them in the first place!!

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